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  • Honoring Contemporary Mexican Flavors
  • Honoring Contemporary Mexican Flavors
  • Inspired on Mexico's Pacific Coast

    KI'IS focuses on the pursuit of beauty through simplicity, harnessing the best ingredients from the surrounding seas and the Mexican vegetable pantry. Honoring flavors from Guadalajara and taking inspiration from Mexico's Pacific coast, KI'IS mirrors Alcalde's culinary offer with a distinctive Mayan accent.
  • Mixology with a Zest

    In step with Mexico's emerging prominence on the global bar scene, mixology at KI'IS is both modern and contemplative of the wealth of flavors available in the Yucatan peninsula, also taking cues from Mayan heritage.  Wine follows a similar path:  An elevated list of classic varietals shares the stage with natural wines and a healthy selection of Mexican vintages.
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